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Episode III: Effects of U.S. Withdrawal from the Joint Cooperative Plan of Action (JCPOA) with Iran (Iran Nuclear Deal)


Nelson Dong

Nelson's Publications and Resources

Learn more about PNDC member Dorsey & Whitney

Learn about Iran Nuclear Deal. Learn about JCPOA. What is JCPOA?


Episode II: TINA and the GAO Bid Protest Filing Changes 

GAO’s library of EPDS how-to videos and instruction 

EPDS log-in and registration page

4 CFR Part 21 (GAO’s bid protest regulations)

Adam Lasky

Oles Morrison’s Government Contract Practice Group

Oles Morrison’s Government Contracts Blog – The Procurement Playbook


How to protest bids. How to do government contracting.


Episode I: Breach and GDPR Compliance 


SAM Notarized Letter 

Privacy Shield 

EU General Data Protection Regulation

International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)


How to use SAM. How to comply with GDPR.