The Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition (PNDC) is the business trade association for the Pacific Northwest defense & security industry.  PNDC focuses on strengthening our members' business growth, our region's economy, and our nation's security through training, business-to-business networking, and advocacy.    

Mission Statement

Create, grow and diversify business development opportunities for Pacific Northwest Defense & Security industry businesses.

Vision Statement

Strong connected leadership that contributes to the growth of the Defense & Security industry and Pacific Northwest businesses.

Securing the Economic Future of Our Region

The opportunity for growth in the Pacific Northwest's defense and security industries is tremendous. Globally competitive industry clusters are thriving in the Northwest, including manufacturing, software, renewable energy, and biotechnology. But while many firms would greatly benefit from working with government agencies, they lack the resources and experience to enter these lucrative partnerships. PNDC bridges these gaps with educational programs, business-to-business networking, and outreach and advocacy with government decision makers.

Stable Employment

PNDC is working to create a stable employment environment throughout the Pacific Northwest. Government contracts provide a reliable revenue source, insulating contractors from the volatile nature of traditional business cycles. By facilitating greater access to government markets, PNDC is building both a stable regional employment base and a powerful job-creation force for the future, even in economic downturns.

Fostering Small Business

Small businesses create new Jobs and new technologies that help local economies grow and prosper. PNDC's networking opportunities and educational offerings help small business owners and employees produce the best quality products at the lowest possible cost for government customers. These skill sets translate directly into the commercial marketplace, which means an investment in government contracting can be leveraged into additional success in other markets.

PNDC gives small businesses the tools they need to build the reliable revenue stream and balanced customer portfolio afforded by defense and security contracting.

What PNDC Can Do for Your Business

PNDC is committed to providing national security for the country and economic security for its members.

Activities and services are developed to serve members' business needs in the two most important ways: decrease costs and increase revenues.

Whether your firm is a traditional government contractor, a subcontractor, or is making its first foray into government partnerships, PNDC can help. By providing training and education on issues ranging from contracting basics to complex regulatory issues, PNDC ensures that members are running efficient and compliant operations. PNDC also offers in-person and distance-learning opportunities to provide access to critical information for every member.

Business-to-business networking gives members the opportunity to meet other innovative businesses, share best practices and important lessons learned, and seek out beneficial partnerships. PNDC also acts as an important conduit for a wide variety of defense-related information, including a monthly newsletter on member activities, industry trends, and upcoming events.

PNDC serves as an intermediary between members and the defense industry in the US and abroad. Whether you're a member looking for a partner or new supplier, or a major defense contractor looking for a hard-to-find product or service, PNDC can make the right connections.

PNDC now offers the services of an on-site notary, free of charge for members.

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