We hope you are all safe and healthy as we face the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic. Your company & staff are valued members of the Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition (PNDC). Our strength is the collective knowledge and support that we offer our members, and although we cannot meet in person at this time, we would like to continue to arrange peer-to-peer exchanges on topics that will support our members’ businesses and our mission to bring more defense & security contracts to the Pacific Northwest, and support the supply chain for these contracts.

Would you be willing to share your knowledge with a fellow PNDC Member? If so, please fill out the Peer-to-Peer Exchange Volunteer Form indicating the subjects that you have experience and/or knowledge that you would be willing to share.   

 Peer-to-Peer Exchange
Volunteer Form - give guidance


Would you like to arrange a 30-minute phone meeting with a peer to ask questions, hear their experience, and  gain insights? Subjects include very timely topics such as: Developing a COVID-19 contingency plan, finding new suppliers, planning for changing real estate needs, managing in uncertain times; and topics that might spur new business or needed improvements such as: lessons learned with implementing a cybersecurity program, alternate funding sources, social media marketing or Ideas on marketing to the military


 How this works:

  • A list of subjects supported by peer-to-peer volunteers is available to members and PNDC staff will match those interested in discussions
  • The only commitment is one 30-minute phone call at a mutually agreed upon time, any future discussion is optional
  • PNDC staff will send an introductory email between you and your fellow member to arrange discussion
  • The purpose of the call is to share knowledge – no sales pitches, yet you may find a knowledgeable supplier/service provider or a new customer
  • You don’t need to be an expert on the subject, just share your experience and lessons learned
  • PNDC makes no warranty of the advice; this is just an opportunity to talk to a peer. Any information given should be verified
  • Do not disclose confidential or sensitive information

Feel free to contact [email protected] if we can answer any questions or offer assistance.